Happy New Year!

Yes, we are two weeks into 2016 and I’m just now writing a Happy New Year post. But it’s for a good reason! We moved down to North Carolina the first week of the new year and have been getting settled into our new place. Oh and we’ve been busy with this cutie!


This is Stella! She is a one year old Corgi mix we rescued. She’s an absolutely sweetheart although she is dealing with some common rescue issues such as separation anxiety. My husband and I have been very busy working with her along with the help of a family friend who is an awesome dog trainer.

So as you can see, the first two weeks of 2016 have been jam packed full of new things!

Anyway, since it is a new year I did manage to sit down and make a list of things I wanted to do this year. I’ve decided instead of calling it New Year’s Resolutions, it’s my New Year’s To Do List. Because a) I love to do lists and b) un-checked to do list items bug me, so maybe this will make me actually do all of these things.

Without further ado, here are some things I want to do/try in 2016:

  • Train Stella – she’s a sweetheart but we have our work cut out for us with her separation anxiety issues.
  • Get healthy! – working from home means I’m not moving around as much during the day as my last job, so this year I’ll be working on how much/what I’m eating and make sure I’m moving around more each day.
  • Create or participate in a book challenge – I’ve always wanted to do one of these and I feel like I didn’t spend as much time reading last year. Perhaps I’ll join Sarah’s challenge she posted about here?
  • Blog more – my goal is at least one post a week (extra credit for more than one!)
  • Knit a blanket – I’ve also considered making a quilt, but I’d love to try to knit a blanket at some point this year
  • Finally make our wedding album – hopefully before we reach our one year anniversary if possible
  • Bake all the things! – Including but not limited to bread, cinnamon rolls, pie, cheesecake, a pastry, and a cake
  • Learn to make Ravioli – My mother in law gave me a kit for christmas and I can’t wait to use it
  • Organize Photos – soooo mannnyyy photos…
  • Learn at least one new craft – perhaps quilting?

What do you plan to do in 2016?


  1. OMG Stella is so cute! And yes, you should join me in my reading challenge! 😀

    I’m currently improving my sewing skills so I can jump into quilting a at some point!


  2. Robin

    Congratulations on your move and on adopting Stella! She’s adorable. Lots of love will help her–and you!–work through some of the separation anxiety issues. While my dog, Shiloh, still has a few issues with it occasionally, she’s come a long way; in March, it’ll be five years. 🙂

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